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Sisters take doTERRA Coast to Coast

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      Doterra ConsultantFour years ago, doTERRA leaders invited Maureen Brundage to Utah for an important strategy session. doTERRA was just two years old and reaching out to individuals  like Maureen, to help build a strong foundation for expanding the company worldwide.

      For more than 30 years, Maureen’s knowledge of natural medicines and deep commitment to healing others, has touched countless lives. She can turn a stranger into a friend within minutes, and her irrepressible personality and gift with words has attracted a network of close relationships that has endured for decades.

      Years before doTERRA’s invitation, Maureen was a single mother of four little boys. To support her family, she built a commercial cleaning business.  She didn’t realize then that her greatest strength would be how she would motivate by example.

      When Maureen remarried she eventually built a home based business as a network marketing professional of natural medicines. Then, as the mother of a nine-month old daughter, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Since that fateful day, she has inspired friends and family with her positive and fearless attitude. Fueled by her religious faith and strong belief in the power of natural healing, she turned her focus to nontraditional medicine.

      The outcome was the best one could ever hope for – less than two years later the onset of MS had slowed and her daughter Katie was joined by Angie, the youngest of a healthy six pack.

      Today Maureen is one of doTERRA’s CERTIFIED AROMATOUCH TECHNIQUE TRAINERS, with a large network of independent product consultants in California and beyond. When she encouraged her sister, Clare Whelan, to try doTERRA’s essential oil products and supplements, neither could have guessed it would result in the birth of MIAMI doTERRA.

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    Doterra ConsultantAs an event producer, Clare first came to Miami in 1982 as part of the team bidding to host the 1992 World’s Fair. A graduate from the University of Washington, Clare was exposed to the Seattle World’s Fair, which led her to pursue a career in event management. She worked for World’s Fairs in Washington State, Tennessee, New Orleans and eventually, Seville, Spain.

    in Miami, Clare  produced mega events including President Reagan and Pope John Paul’s historic meeting, Super Bowl extravaganzas as well as celebrity events like Sylvester Stallone’s housewarming and 50th birthday party. A logistics expert, she is renowned for her ability to manage thousands of individuals, over mega sites, for one-of-a-kind events.

    Between events, Clare discovered a passion for carpentry and took on work for contractors from Seattle to Northern California. Now, she and her husband own a construction company in Miami.

    Both event production and construction require strong physical stamina to withstand hours of hands-on work, mostly outdoors in Miami’s tropical heat.  For Clare, doTERRA essential oils and supplements became critical tools in her daily health regimen long before she joined her sister in the business.

    Like Maureen, Clare believes that natural medicine has played a crucial role in both their lives and earned her respect alongside traditional medicine when it comes to healthcare. So much so,that now the sisters are presenting events. workshops and certified AromaTouch Technique Trainings  from Miami to California.

    Clare invites other like-minded individuals to join her in building a business of their own with doTERRA’s remarkable products and sales support.


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